The French government has an unprecedented suggestion for those who dream to live just like the legendary Robinson Crusoe.

The officials invited everyone who want to leave just like Daniel Defoe’s character on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Apparently, they would prefer a couple and they must spend their next 10 years there, replacing the ones who are already living on the island.

In order to achieve their goal, these guests must pay no less than 600 euros per month, to take care of the natural reserve, of the farm and the small hostel, while all the profits will end in their pockets.

The Cuisnier’s moved on the island of Quéménes in 2007. The small strip of land in the Atlantic Ocean became the home of Soizic and David after they decided to manage the farm.

They cultivated the land, raised birds and animals, while the electricity was generated by wind and solar panels.

The island is only a kilometer and a half long and has been inhabited for thousands of years until 1992.

In 1992, it became deserted for 15 years until the arrival of the Cuisnier spouses.

Soizic and David got married and had two children on the island.

“Three years ago, we lost all the potato harvest due to the rabbits, but fortunately we compensated for something else”, revealed the husband, who says the life of the island is not exactly for anyone.

Now the family wants to leave Quéménes, because the two children will go to school, so the French government is looking for substitutes.

20 people have been offered for this job, and a decision will be made next year.