The fans of the Sex and The City franchise were probably expecting a third sequel to become reality by 2019.

And they had every reason to hope, because there was a scenario, plans to start filming this autumn and the agreement of three out of four divas.

According to some rumors, the one who refuses to join the project is no other than Kim Cattrall, the 61-year-old Canadian who gave life to the unique Samantha Jones.

The news that this film will not become a reality because of Kim’s exaggerated claims was confirmed yesterday by SJP during a social event in New York.

What happened?

Sources inside Warner Bros. claim that Cattrall has required the American studio to produce some of her other on-going projects in order for her to become part of the third sequel.

Warner Bros. declined this and they had to cancel production, considering it’s inappropriate to film this without the complete formula.

On the other hand, actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon have agreed to appear in this new film agreeing with all the terms, and now they become deeply disappointed after finding out the news.

“The only reason this movie will not be made is Kim Cattrall. She made it all about her, playing the role of the victim. He had the courage to tell Warner Bros. that she would only play if they would produce some of her other movies. Ridiculous”, revealed a source.