The Dutch-British transnational consumer goods company just launched a new soap in China and they named the product… KJU

However, before they decided to name their newest product like this, the company didn’t even occur to search the abbreviation on Google.

KJU is the abbreviation for Kim Jong-Un’s name, the Supreme Leader of North Korea and, at the moment, the most hated person in the world.

The Dutch-British giant realized the blunder after they finished the ad campaign and registered the new name.

“It was only after I registered, I realized it’s Kimg Jong-Un’s name”, said a company representative for Bloomberg.

In some countries, if you search on Google “KJU”, the name of the North Korean leader appears first.

The KJU Soap Line was created especially for the Chinese market.

Fortunately, the Chinese people is not so offended, given that this is the only country with which North Korea has (still) maintained a good relation.