Wall Street Journal, a major part of the News Corp, led by Rupert Murdoch, closes the editions from Europe and Asia due to a major collapse reported by the advertising department.

The last printed edition for Europe is on Friday, September 29, according to an article published by The Wall Street Journal. The article also wrote that employees affected by the decision were transferred to other departments.

In the past year, the newspaper has implemented “WSJ 2020” – a three-year plan that aims to adapt to consumers who receive news more and more on their mobile phones.

Part of the plan involves staff cuts and fusion between certain sections of the print.

“Dear reader, the European edition of the Wall Street Journal will no longer be valid in your region starting with Monday, October 2nd. When we launched the European edition in January 1983, we had three major goals: to provide the most authoritative news on international trade and investment, to save our readers’ time by carefully selecting our publishers and, most importantly, to satisfy the need for trust, because the only useful information is that accurate and unbiased. These objectives remain the core of our journalism. We will continue to deliver these things as we adapt to the different needs of our readers and we will focus on delivering the same quality and quantity of news through our valid digital services in Europe as well. Thank you for reading and hoping to keep track of your alerts, news, applications and WSJ.com”, this was the message published by Thorold Barker in the last issue.