Pique referendum

Gerard Pique has officially announced that he is to withdraw from Spain’s national football team if his origin will become a problem for the Spanish officials.

“I am Catalan more than ever and I am proud of it”, FC Barcelona’s defender has revealed in front of the press.

Pique has posted several images on his official Facebook page from the voting section, as a sign of support for the referendum and he also took advantage to make a quick comparison between the government reaction and the time Spain was ruled by Franco the dictator.

FC Barcelona played at home with the empty stands

Initially, the club officials required the postponement of the match.

They did not receive the federation’s approval and decided to play behind close gates. Two members of the FC Barcelona leadership have already resigned.

The results of the Catalonia referendum indicate a clear victory of the camp that militates for autonomy.

However, those millions of votes are considered by the Spanish government as illegal.

Sunday night, Catalonia leader Carles Puigdemont proclaimed the victory of the secessionists.

Puigdemont announced on Sunday night the victory of the referendum.

According to the figures announced by the authorities in Barcelona, ​​2.26 million out of 5.34 have voted for independency.

“We have gained the right to have an independent state”, said Puidgemont, who also stated he will forward the results in the upcoming days.