Chinese bowl

A 900 years old Chinese bowl was sold through an auction for no less than 37.68 million dollars

The vessel that dates back from the time of the Song Dynasty just established a new world price record for China’s finest and ancient ceramic objects, revealed the Sotheby’s.

The small vessel was especially manufactured to wash the paint brushes.

In fact, these vessels were used by those who wrote to shed the excessive paint from the brush.

The extremely valuable bowl is one of the few porcelain objects left intact until these days, originating from the imperial court of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Only four of them including this one, belong to private collectors, specified the auction organizers.

The auction lasted for about 20 minutes and the buyer wanted to remain anonymous, while the Sotheby’s House, refused to disclose if the new owner originates or not from mainland China.

The previous record for a Chinese ceramic object was established by a bowl decorated with hens, which was sold in 2014 for $36.1 million.