Kim Cattral Sex and the City

The fans of the popular franchise were extremely disappointed to find out the third sequel has been canceled, although the script and other details were ready for months.

Basically, all the fingers are being pointed towards the veteran of the TV series, Kim Cattral, who according to Warner Bros., refused to sign her contract because the American studio didn’t wanted to accept her ridiculous diva demands.

In order to clear the air, the British actress made a guest appearance in Piers Morgan’s show on Monday night.

Kim confessed that her relationship with her other colleagues, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis, is toxic and they don’t have anything in common, except the fact they were co-stars.

“They all have children, and I’m ten years older than them, and since the show’s over, I’ve spent more time outside New York, so I haven’t seen the. What we had in common was the show and the show was over”, revealed Cattral.

Cattral also mentioned that she never came up with any exaggerated claim in order to appear in the third sequel and the truth is the fact that she simply didn’t wanted to do this anymore.

“I assure you that I will never play Samantha Jones. This chapter is over and it is over without regrets. I just wanted Sarah to be a little bit nicer”, referring to Sarah Jessica Parker’s recent statement, who made it clear that Kim Cattral is to blame.

“I did not ask for money, I did not ask for other projects, so being cataloged as a diva is absolutely ridiculous”, concluded Kim.