North Korea children

“The secret state. A trip in the heart of North Korea “- is the title of a CNN project which focuses on the life under Kim Jong-un’s dynasty dictatorship

The project, an ample multimedia report, is the product of a 15-days journey conducted in June by the CNN journalists Will Ripley, Tim Schwarz and Justin Robertson.

Divided into six chapters, the report attempts to offer insight into the isolationism of the “Kingdom of Ermit” and the “tradition” of spreading the feeling of hate against the United States propagandistically injected into all layers of the North Korean society.

The first chapter was entitled “Children of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea”

In Wonsan, a city on the eastern coast of the country, journalists have found in an internet room a group of children captured by a video game.

In the clip attached to the report, two students, wearing a pioneer red scarf knotted at the neck, stand in front of a large screen and acting like virtual soldiers, target the enemy on a battlefield with some black machine guns.

“I asked them who their enemy is and their response gave me the chills: the Americans”, narrates Will Ripley.

One of the kids says he wants to join the North Korean army one day to fight against the “American enemy”.

Then he continues his ideological tirade, by revealing: “Because they invaded us with force, they massacred our people. We’ll bury them alive”, says one his friends.