North Korea Michael Fallon

A North Korean official accused the British Minister of Defense, Michael Fallon of “dancing as the US plays” amid the global conflict generated by the North Korean nuclear program, adding that Fallon is “just as stubborn as a donkey”.

Michael Fallon ignores “the source of evil and dances as the US plays”, commented an anonymous user on the North Korea’s KCNA website, who is apparently a member of the Korea-Europe Association, writes The Telegraph.

During a recent meeting with NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Clyde Naval Base, Michael Fallon said that Britain’s nuclear deterrents remain “our only defense against the most extreme threats to our way of life.”

The British official has brought up the “irresponsible defiance” of North Korea, who continued to conduct several ballistic exercises and nuclear tests in recent months, ruining completely its relationship with the international community.

Such a comment “can never be tolerated,” the North Korean source told the news agency.

Although China is still North Korea’s only ally, the leaders in Beijing expressed their frustration regarding Kim Jong-un’s latest actions.

Meanwhile, the White House says Donald Trump will offer a well-thought opinion that will not generate even more tensions in the Korean state.

Donald Trump added China failed to solve the crisis in North Korea.

Meanwhile, the president spent his weekend with the Japanese Prime-Minister Shinzo Abe.

Abe labeled the ballistic test as ‘absolutely intolerable’ and urged the Pyongyang to follow the UN resolutions.