The international press praises the victory scored by Romanian player Simona Halep against tennis legend Maria Sharapova in the finals of the Beijing tournament.

“Fearless Halep eliminates Sharapova at the China Open”, headlines the world’s biggest publications, while L’Equipe writes the Romanian has controlled the entire game.

The many foolish mistakes committed by Maria Sharapova helped Simona Halep to score an epic victory.

“Maria Sharapova had problems all week with her service and had a horrific start, before equating to 1-1 in the first set.

Halep has not managed to beat the winner of six Grand Slam titles so far, but has easily taken control of the match, despite the public’s obvious support for Sharapova. Halep showed her superiority in the second set”, writes The Field.

“Halep avenged her defeat in the first round of the US Open in front of Sharapova and won a historic victory”. writes BBC News, while the Russian beauty committed 39 unforced errors and served the most chaotic game in her entire career.

Halep defeated Sarapova for the first time in his career playing almost perfect in the first set, showing a coverage, depth and width, earning 69 percent on the first line and 57 percent during the second.