ISIS Hunters

“ISIS hunters” an elite group of Syrian forces, offered to pay a $1 million as a ransom for each of the two Russian soldiers taken as prisoners by the jihadists.

Also, the “ISIS Hunters” have threatened that for each of the two prisoners, in case they confront with a refusal or a scam when it comes to releasing the Russian, they will kill 100 fighters of the Islamic State.

“ISIS hunters” are a volunteer group trained by the Russian armed forces to take part in the offensive conducted by the government troops against the Syrian jihadist front.

Islamist insurgents announced last week the capture of two men who claim to be Russian soldiers, information that Moscow has denied.

“As we have said, we are prepared to pay $1 million for every Russian brother”, wrote the organization on their Twitter account on Wednesday, warning: “Otherwise, we will kill 100 ISIS militants for each of them”.

On Tuesday, the Amaq news agency of the jihadists published a record with the two men, in which they identified themselves as Roman Zabolotniy and Grigory Tsurkanu.

Judging by the private investigations conducted by a Russian NGO, the men were fighters of the private battalion of Russia called Wagner, also known as OSM, founded in 2014 in the separatist war from eastern Ukraine.

During an interview conducted on Wednesday with the US Radio Free Europe Radio, Tsurkanu’s brother confirmed the identity of the jihadist captive.

“All our agencies are working to confirm the identity and circumstances of their kidnapping”, said Russia via a statement released by the spokesman for Moscow diplomacy, Maria Zaharova.

The two men became fallen prisoners in the city of Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria.