Mickey Rourke plastic surgeries

At the age of 65, the actor does not look anything like the sex-symbol from 9 weeks and a half and that’s only because he wanted so.

Or, more precisely, his obsession for plastic surgeries transformed him into a completely different looking fellow.

An ambulatory advertisement for plastic surgeries gone wrong a.k.a Mickey Rourke, last week the actor thought it would be a great idea to cross off a new nose job from the list.

Rourke even documented the experience with a picture posted on Instagram, appearing next to the doctor who finalized the surgery.

In the caption the 65-year-old wrote the following: “Immediately after surgery, along with Dr. Dhir. Now I’m beautiful again (lol). I have one more surgery left. ”

The surgeon based Beverly Hills is known for his extraordinary ability of creating or, in this case, re-creating the unique features of each individual.

Rourke probably resorted to its services, precisely to correct the not-so-pleasant results generated by his previous surgeries.

The actor confessed in the past that he had five different nose jobs after his that area of his face was destroyed during the boxing matches.

We hope that this last intervention will be more successful than the previous one.