Catalonia coup d'etat

The Catalan opposition denounces a coup d’etat after the Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont announced during his last speech that he is currently possessing a warrant to declare the independency of his state.

Carles Puidgemont mentioned during his speech from Tuesday that he possesses a mandate to declare the region’s independence, a statement the opposition has described Catalonia’s initiative as a potential “coup d’etat”.

Catalan opposition leader Ines Arrimadas said most Catalans consider they are both Spanish and European citizens and they will not allow officials in the region to “break their hearts.”

Leader Carles Puigdemont suspended on Tuesday the results of the referendum from 1st October to allow time for talks and negotiations.

“Catalonia has gained the right to be an independent state and the right to be respected”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Madrid government believes that such a move would have no effect.

“The only way we could survive is to make the region of Catalonia an independent state”, Puigdemont said.

He urged the Spaniards to understand Catalonia and the factors that triggered the current crisis:

“We have nothing against Spain. Catalonia’s relationship with Spain is not working”, the official has added.

Shortly after the referendum has ended, in Barcelona and other cities from Catalonia street demonstrations and general strikes paralyzed the entire province.

The roads were blocked, Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia was closed, and the FC Barcelona team took a break from their training sessions.

Called by the main trade unions in order to paralyze this region with 7.5 million inhabitants, hundreds of thousands of people mobilized in the demonstrations including students, firefighters or simple citizens frustrated by Sunday violence and how the Spanish Government of Mariano Rajoy managed the crisis.

Separatist leaders promise that independence will be proclaimed as soon as possible, following a referendum in which 90% of those voted for self-determination.