North Korea touristic

North Korea wants to become a top touristic destination

Kim Jong-un plans on rebuilding a huge city with money obtained from…. foreign investors.

He wants to obtain $1.5 billion in partnerships to build golf courses, luxury stores, and tourist attractions.

However, the same area where the so-called metropolis would become reality also includes the town that hosted nearly 40 missile tests.

The North Korean dictator denied any rumor related to a scheme meant to fund his nuclear program, claiming the metropolis will bring between five and ten million tourists per year to North Korea.

The military tests are being conducted in Wonsan, while the tourists will also unfold their tourist activities in Wonsan…

he city has nearly 700 tourist attractions, including 140 historical vestiges and 3.3 million tons of sludge that heals neuralgia and colitis.

Or at least that’s what the North Korean brochures are presenting to those potential investors established across the border.

The so-called Wonsan Development Corporation has printed no less than 30 brochures in Korean, Chinese, Russian and English.

Unfortunately for our Supreme Leader, so far no one has shown any sign of interest.

Thae Yong Ho, former North Korean ambassador to the UK said the following: “The thing Kim Jong-un wants to promote now is tourism because he knows that North Korea’s economic structure is not able to produce a lot of money”

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un has sent 13 officials to do some research work before they initiate the construction plans in Wonsan.

They have visited a tourist complex on the Mediterranean coast and a theme park, in order to create an idea of how their future resort will look like.

Kim Jong-un is no stranger when it comes to the tourism industry

He studied in Switzerland in Bern and he loves skiing in the Alps. It may be the reason why he built a ski complex in Wonsan and an airport who does not benefit from any available international flights.