Sweden faces the most unusual labor market crisis with thousands of available jobs, but without skilled workers willing to accept them, reports Bloomberg.

In full economic growth, Sweden has failed to comply the huge demand of professional workers on the labor market.

Even after the number of migrants in the last three years, which raised the country’s population to more than 10 million, has peaked, companies are not able to find employees willing to work.

The number of vacant spots reported to the number of job seekers is the most disproportionate in the last 18 years.

The unprecedented issue does not only affect certain areas: the figures show that between 12 and 15 sectors of work have difficulty in hiring qualified people, according to an analysis conducted by the Service of Public Employment.

More than 78.000 jobs are currently available in construction, education, IT, health, science, crafting, transport, security, administration, marketing and media, but also civil servants, social workers, lawyers, economists and designers are strongly required.

The lack of people willing to occupy these spots will definitely put Sweden’s economic expansion to great risk, warns the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises, which represents more than 60.000 companies in the country.

A study in June showed that over 75% of these companies have difficulties in recruiting because they are not stumbling upon the right recruits.

Currently, in Sweden, there are over 300.000 unemployed persons.