fidget spinner phone

In the world of weird gadgets, a fidget spinner phone might well be close to the top of the rankings, even if it is not worth it.

I do not know if a year has passed since fidget spinners have become this world sensation, but one thing is certain: these devices continue their domination and a large number of Chinese manufacturers have tried everything possible to avoid the trend from disappearing.

Many Internet users classify the device as the most annoying toy of 2017, but that does not mean the idea could not be extended in other industries.

Going beyond the fact that even Kim Kardashian has a fidget spinner with her face on it, a less known company from Hong Kong has decided to design a phone by following the same concept.

The device looks surprisingly good, considering that we are talking about a spinner fidget.

The awkward device is the creation of Chilli International and Reddit users are fascinated by it.

The new phone is built around a 1.4-inch screen and can be purchased in six different colors. The internal memory is 32MB, but can be easily extended up to 8GB with a microSD card.

There are no apps, but there is a web browser and Bluetooth connectivity helps you use it with a handsfree.

However, the fascinating part is that, although this phone is only sold in India, there are several other similar terminals on Amazon. The price is $20.