Kaspersky America

A new piece of evidence surfaces inside the Kaspersky scandal

The American intelligence agencies found out from their Israeli counterparts the Russians were stealing classified information from their servers.

After an NSA employee decided to complete some of his work at home, without acknowledging that he is using the Kaspersky anti-virus, the Russian spies began to steal data.

He was working on a classified mission that contained top secret details of how America is cyber-attacking other states and how they defend themselves against their hackers.

US state agencies were ordered last month to uninstall Kaspersky software, but the NSA knew about the links between the Russian IT giant and Moscow from two years ago.

According to the New York Times, in 2015, the Israeli hackers found out about what Kaspersky’s role from the US espionage agency.

The NSA immediately spread the news, and after an investigation, the Americans have confirmed their espionage tools were already in the hands of the Kremlin.

It was a clear indication that the company’s anti-viruses could be used by Russia’s espionage agency as gateway to hundreds of millions of computers around the world.

The Israeli experts discovered the Kremlin hackers were using the Kaspersky software as a search engine for classified information.

They would have seen in real time how the Russians were scanning the computers of their customers, the same system that allows antivirus to detect malware can be used to identify any other type of data stored on computers.

The authorities are now trying to figure out if Kaspersky is the accomplice or victim of the Kremlin administration.

Several cyber security specialists believe the FSB, the Russian intelligence service, has exploited a loophole of Kaspersky software to gain access to their customer’s computers.