Marla Maples

She appeared in the president’s life when the mogul was married to his first wife, Ivana Trump.

She infiltrated into his life and in a few years managed to “dethrone” the mother of his first three children, becoming his second wife.

Their wedding took place in 1993, a few months after she had given birth to Tiffany, Donald Trump’s second daughter.

The exclusive event unfolded at the Plaza Hotel, where Marla walk towards the aisle in a Carolina Herrera wedding gown, accessorized with a $2 million diamonds tiara.

Although their love story was surrounded by controversies and their wedding was one of the most lavish events of that era, unfortunately for Marla, the fairytale ended after less than six years, when in turn, she became the betrayed one.

Over the years, Tiffany Trump talked how Donald Trump’s absence took a toll on her.

“My mother and I have always been very close, because she was also raised by a single mother. My friends and everyone around me always tell me that I have a special relationship with her because she is always with me”, said Tiffany without mentioning not even a word about her good old dad.

Speaking of the feelings she has about her former husband, Marla made a shocking statement in 2013 when she was invited to the Oprah Show.

She mentioned that everything she felt about Donald Trump did not disappear once they got a divorce and that she still had love for him: “I still love Donald.”

Moreover, Marla said she had no harsh feelings for Donald’s first wife, although they were rivals and Ivana made some nasty comments about her.

“I love Eric, Ivanka and Donnie so much. I had the opportunity to meet them and see them grow up. I’m crying when I see them on TV. I’m crazy, a very emotional person”, said Marla in the same interview.

As the years have passed, Marla says she has turned to Kabbalah to get over those painful moments.

“It helped to assume responsibility for my choices and not be a victim anymore”, added the blonde for Vanity Fair.