nuclear bombs ad

Are you that kind of person who loves reading the press or your favorite newspaper, early in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee?

What if on one morning you start reading the press, just like in any ordinary day, and in the ads column you notice this huge commercial that says: “Nuclear bombs for sale!”

We wish this was a joke but it actually happened in Korea… South Korea, to be more precise.

According to the South Korean press, the nuclear bombs ad was more of a joke, even though not everyone perceived it so.

The advertisement was published in the pages of The Korea Herald, and although its authors claim it was a joke, the promo was extremely detailed and even included types, sizes and a really complex description: beautiful, magnificent and spectacular, are just a few of the names the authors of the ad used to praise its “products”.

This type of message has become commonplace lately, and apparently the idea was inspired by one of Donald Trump’s statements.

In May 2016, Trump said that the US Armed Forces on South Korea’s territory should be financially supported by the Koreans because they are there to defend them.

Considering the unit includes 30.000 US soldiers, the costs are very high, and the debt has been gathered somewhere up to 60 billion dollars, a sum reported in the satire advertisement in the Korean Herald, which is dedicated to the US president.