Donald Trump might end up staying face to face with a significant group of North Korean soldiers sooner than we thought.

Apparently, during his official trip to South Korea, PLOTUS also included in his tour the DMZ – the demilitarized zone, the strip that separated the two Korean states at the end of 1950-1953 war.

Among the other objectives of President Trump there are also Japan, China and Philippines, writes The Guardian.

The information in the report coincided with another US air resistance show in the region. Two B-1B supersonic bombers flew over the Korean peninsula on Wednesday night, marking the first jointly military exercise conducted by Japan and South Korea with US bombers, revealed the officials.

Bombers have launched rocket launcher drills in the waters off South Korea’s east coast, reperating the maneuvers over the waters separating South Korea and China.

South Korean militants described the exercise as a demonstration of support related to the country’s defense system and Seoul’s power once they join forces with Washington.

Major US Patrick Applegate said: “Surveillance and nighttime training with allies are done in a safe and efficient manner, representing the sustained shared capability between the US, Japan and the Republic of Korea, and demonstrates the courage and tactical power of the aviators of each nation.”

“This is a clear demonstration of our ability to conduct uninterrupted operations with all our allies anytime and anywhere”, added the US military official.

Donald Trump was expected to send a strong message to North Korea either verbally or “kinetically” during the president’s first voyage to the peninsula, the quoted source said.

The president will follow Barack Obama’s example, which has looked through the binoculars during his visit to the “Frontier of Liberty” in 2012 or Bill Clinton, who described the strip as “the most frightening place on the earth on his 1993 visit.