Sally Jones

Sally Jones, the woman who left Britain four years ago to become the wife of an ISIS jihadist, would have died during a raid conducted by the US forces.

Among the victims, there was also Sally’s 12-year-old son Jojo, reports The Guardian.

Sally Jones’ death, dubbed the “White Widow,” however, is difficult to confirm, because their hideout was destroyed and transformed into a pile of ruins.

Maj Adrian Rankine-Galloway, a spokeswoman of the Pentagon, said: “I have no information that could justify this report (regarding Sally Jones’s death), but that could change. We will continue to check.”

Sally Jones, a former member of a punk band, born in Greenwich south east London, who later moved to Chatham, Kent became worldwide famous after appearing on an ISIS recruitment poster in 2013.

The Briton left Kent with her son and flee to Syria

Once in Raqqa, she helped the organization to recruit members and married to jihadist Junaid Hussain.

In July, the British press wrote that the woman wanted to return to the UK, but the ISIS members did not allow that because she was a military wife even if her husband had died during an attack last year.

After her husband died, the woman wrote on Twitter: “I am proud that my husband was killed by Allah’s greatest enemy.”

Sally Jones has repeatedly propagated the extremist group on the internet, even publishing a “list of those who have to be killed” and announcing her desire to become beheaded.