Another actress reveals her unpleasant experiences with movie producer Harvey Weinstein

Kate Beckinsale remembered when the Hollywood producer summoned her to her hotel room when she was only 17 and offered her alcohol, and in a few years when they met again, Harvey asked if he ended up having sex with her that night.

The list of sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein women grows every day

Kate recalls that she was only 17 when she visited Harvey Weinstein at a hotel, while she believed the meeting would take place in a conference room.

“When we arrived, the receptionists told me to go to his room. He opened the door in his bathrobe. I was incredibly naive and young, and I did not think that this older and unattractive man would have expected me to be sexually interested in him. After I refused to drink, I announced that I had a school the following day and I left, slightly scared”, wrote the actress on Instagram.

“A few years ago, he wondered if he had tried something with me at that meeting. We had boundaries.

I have often refused him professionally over the years, and many times he was screaming, screaming at me and threatening me”, added the actress.

Kate Beckinsale also praised women who had the courage to confess everything

“We have to prevent other women from being sexually used and we must remember that Harvey is a badge of a sick system and that’s what we have to do,” the actress concluded in the message posted on Instagram.

Hollywood’s major stars who accuse the producer of sexually harassment include Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Meanwhile, former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has announced her decision of returning the money she has received in the campaign from the film producer.