Larry Flynt, the publisher from The Hustler, dubbed as the “baron of pornography” in the 1970’s, is willing to offer $10 million dollars to anyone who possesses such a scandalous secret about the US president, an information capable of terminating Donald Trump’s in just hours, writes USA Today.

The article published by the American paper is, in fact, this full-on ad, included in this anti-Trump campaign meant to reveal alleged sexual scandals which have as center of attention various US politicians, especially Donald Trump, who according to USA Today is “dangerously inadequate” for running this country.

Flynt has set up a phone line and an email address where you can send the compromising detail that could stave off Trump’s presidency.

Flynt also promises absolute confidentiality to that one person who will offer such an information.

Basically, Larry Flynt has started a “hunt”

“Do not underestimate me, I intend to pay up the entire amount. Of course, I could use the $10 million to buy luxury items or invest in my business, but what would I use all this in a world devastated by the most powerful idiot in history?”, stated Larry Flynt.