Johnny Depp

The world’s most famous pirate claims that his former financial management company stole no less than $30 million dollars from his bank accounts

In addition, Johnny Depp is also accusing some of his former lawyers of conspiring with the company so they could split the money in half.

The actor is 100% convinced that his suspicions are well-founded and he already filed a lawsuit against both firms, in the hope that he will retrieve his money.

However, the chances of winning are not that high considering the lawyers are part of one of the most powerful law firms in US, Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal & LaViolette are currently accused of “professional malpractice, legal breach and unjustified enrichment”, allegedly violating some of the most important principles that have to do with the attorney-client relationship.

“Johnny Depp’s trial reflects his steady position against the systemic Hollywood practices meant to serve other interests, which he hopes will expose and put an end to it”, stated Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman for People.

Depp accuses the law firm of conspiring with his former financial management firm, The Management Group, to contract loans the actor knew nothing about and to pay for them using the rights obtained from older movies, reveals TMZ.