Tatiana Gutsu

After numerous Hollywood actresses have shared their experiences with Harvey Weinstein in a very public way, women from all around the world, from all walks of life have decided to come clean.

One of the most serious and disturbing confessions belongs to Ukrainian Olympic champion, gymnast Tatiana Gutsu.

She became one of the world’s most popular athletes back in 1992

Now, Tatiana is 41-years-old and, in these years, no one could’ve imagined the gymnast was sexually abused by one of her colleagues.

The man who traumatized Tatiana for life was none other than gymnastics legend Vitaly Scerbo.

Apparently, everything happened when the former team members traveled to Stuttgart in 1991.

Tatiana Gutsu

Tatiana was only 15 and her rapist was 19

The most disturbing part is the fact that two of their friends knew about this, but none of them tried to help her or even talk about this.

The confession was made on her official Facebook page, where Tatiana wrote the following:

“This is me being brave after 27 years.

Tatyana Toropova who I thought was my friend and a team mate in the National team of USSR thank you for not being brave for me when I need it you the most to stand , stand up for me and fight for the women rights in such a horrific act ,no means no.

You where there you heard everything you never stand up to protect me…

Rustam Sharipov thank you for being a great buddy for your friend and not protecting me as a little girl at 15, who raped me in Stuttgart Germany DTB 1991.

Vitaliy Sherbo.

Monster who kept me in my own prison to be afraid for so many years.

I know you will try to defend yourself.

But my details are much stronger than your words.

I’m strong now than ever.

You can’t break me down anymore

This my Cinderella story.

I survived and I will support anyone out there who is afraid to speak out I will try to gain my confidence and to help others.

Thank you, Gena Tay.”

Meanwhile, Vitaly Scerbo’s mother and the gymnast himself denied the allegations, claiming these are all lies.