John F. Kennedy

Next month, on 22nd November, it will be 54 years since the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, one of the crimes that shook the history of the 20th century.

US authorities will release new classified documents related to Kennedy’s assassination on Thursday, the BBC reports, in the hope, someone will identify a new lead.

British journalists spoke with a California lawyer, Bruce Miroglio, who is, among other things, obsessed about this major part of America’s history.

“I’m sitting in my office and reading the 26 volumes of the Warren Report now”, said Miroglio, adding that although the reports contain some mistakes, he basically supports the conclusions of the JFK assassination document.

He does not think there was a second shooter, one of many theories related to the mysterious crime, and he is “skeptical” of any scenario that originated from a conspiracy theory.

22nd November 1983, 12:30

On November 22, 1963, JF Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline crossed the Dallas Center with the limousine together with the governor of Texas and his partner. On

On the streets, the crowd was cheering the president.

10 minutes later, at 12:30 three-gun shots were heard

The first missed the target and everyone thought the sound was caused by a firecracker.

The second hit the president in the back and went out through his neck, then hit the governor.

The final shot was fatal, JFK was shot in the head.

President JF Kennedy was rushed to the hospital, but his condition was already critical.

“From Dallas, Texas, the official news is that President Kennedy died at 13:00, 38 minutes ago”, transmitted live from CBS, Walter Cronkite.

Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist sympathizer, was briefly arrested and charged with assassinating JF Kennedy.

A sniper rifle, the alleged murder weapon, was found at his place.

The assassination of John Kennedy on November 22, 1963, generated more conspiracy theories than any other crime in history.