Americans claim that a terrorist organization is preparing an attack similar to the one that occurred on 9/11 and those knives and gun attacks are just dust in the eye.

Elaine Duke, General Secretary of Homeland Security said that jihadists use these “minor” just to keep members active and to generate more finances while preparing an “epic” plan, similar to the one from 2011.

Speaking at the US Embassy in London, she said the intelligence services possess information that extremists are currently plotting a terrorist attack meant to cause hundreds of casualties.

The Secretary-General of Homeland Security believes that ISIS is currently in a “midterm” period, focusing on far greater actions.

The head of security, who worked with three different US presidents, added:

“The terrorist organizations, whether ISIS or others are planning on shooting down planes and the intelligence services are aware of that.

However, over time, they must maintain their financial flow, maintain a high level of visibility, and maintain their follower active, so they commit small attacks in anticipation of the big blow.”

Asked about how the US is addressing the threat of another atrocity similar to the one from 11th September, the security expert said: “We are trying to play the match and it works against them in their terrorist paradise. If we can keep them in decline and on the move, they have less time to sit and prepare.”

Duke said web giants have to do more than detecting online extremist content and one way is by using the same technology as them.