invented by accident

Some of the world’s yummiest and best-selling food products were invented by accident

No cook struggled to come up with these or worked for months in order to invent the flavor that makes people addicted to these products.

One of them is…


The beer was invented 12.000 years ago by a rural community who lived in current Iran. According to historians, the process of fermenting the cereals resulted in this liquor, so I guess that we could describe the beer as “a happy accident”.

The beer was highly appreciated by Egyptians who flavored it with olive oil and even exotic ingredients.

Beer as we know it today began to be produced in mass by a group of monks from the Middle Ages.

Potato Chips

These, my personal favorites, were invented by a frustrated chef from New York.

His name was George Crum and according to Christian Science Monitor, he also invented these by accident after a customer returned his fried potatoes, claiming they were thick, raw and flavorless.

In exchange, the chef started cooking these super thin potatoes, super crunchy and almost burned, poured lots of salt in order to put the customer in his place.

However, instead of receiving a complaint, he was congratulated and the man recommended the chips to his friend.

Corn Flakes

Brothers William and John Kellogg are the ones who came up with corn flakes.

At the end of the 19th century, they were working at a health center that promoted vegetarianism and they were looking for a solution to replace bread.

They cooked some wheat from which they made a paste that broke into small pieces when they put it in the oven. Later, they decided to use the grain instead of wheat.