Queen Elizabeth horses

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is super passionate about horses and, whenever you see pictures in which the monarch is looking at horses her face just brightens up and she has like this peaceful and satisfying look on her face.

However, what many do not know is the fact this hobby brought the Queen no less than $7 million over the past 30 years.

Queen Elizabeth received a Shetland pony when she was just four and since then she developed a huge interest and passion for these beautiful and graceful unthinking creatures.

Last year, the sovereign reported this record profit, earning £557.650 from horse races.

Throughout her life, the monarch who is literally obsessed with these animals has won a total number of 451 races and her most successful “stallion” is called Merlin.

Trained by Michael Bell, the horse won 3 of the 9 races, generating the Queen a total profit of £21.768.

Currently, Queen Elizabeth II occupies the 11th position in the top of horse owners with the highest earnings.

Horse racing ranks as the second in the UK’s most popular sports tournaments after, of course, soccer.

She received her first horse when she was just 4 and at the age of 6, she already began her first equitation lessons.

Since then, she has not given up to this great passion and, each and every morning, you can spot the Queen riding her favorite stallion in the surroundings of the Buckingham Palace, which is incredible considering that her advanced age.

Way to go, Queenie!