71st Tony Awards – Arrivals – New York City, U.S., 11/06/2017 - Actor Kevin Spacey. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

The legendary actor came out as gay after he was accused by former co-star Anthony Rapp of sexual misconduct.

Kevin Spacey took advantage of the situation and in addition to expressing his apology, he also revealed his real sexual orientation.

According to Rapp, Kevin Spacey tried to flirt with him on the set of Star Trek: Discovery, when Rapp was only 14-year-old, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Kevin Spacey, 58, responded to the allegations through a message posted on his official Twitter page.

He apologized to Rapp and wrote that he did not recall the incident, which he described as “the behavior of a drunkard.”

However, the rest of her statement included Spacey’s big reveal. The actor wrote that throughout his life, he had relationships with both men and women.

Contrary to his expectations, Twitter users criticized the actor, claiming Spacey is trying to deflect Rapp’s accusation by coming out as gay.

Kevin Spacey, born July 26, 1959, is a famous American actor who worked in theater, television, and cinema.

Considered one of the most talented actors of his generation, the Hollywood star has won two Academy Awards for his roles in “Usual Suspects” (1995) and “American Beauty” (1999).

He starred in films such as Se7en, LA Confidential, K-Pax, and The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Since 2013, he started playing in the House of Cards series.