A tunnel from a nuclear test facility in North Korea would have collapsed after the Pyongyang regime conducted their sixth nuclear test in September.

More than 200 people have allegedly died, writes Reuters quoting the Asahi Japanese television.

Reuters, however, says it has failed to verify from official sources the information of the Japanese journalists who were quoting sources inside North Korea.

Around 100 workers at the Punggye-ri nuclear testing facility would have been swallowed by the earth after the tunnel collapsed on September 10th.

A second landfall would have occurred during the rescue operation, and the number of victims would have doubled, reaching to 200.

Experts say a series of earthquakes and landslides that took place in North Korea near nuclear sites most likely indicate that the sixth and largest nuclear test of the Pyongyang regime on September 3, destabilized the region.

Under these circumstances, the Punggye-ri nuclear testing facility may no longer be used for nuclear testing, Reuters writes.