iPhone X/ iPhone 10 is in great demand right now and Apple is barely handling the impressive number of pre-registered orders because most people want to get the new device before Christmas.

Apple is aware the world is super interested in their new smartphone so they are basically taking advantage of the situation to generate all kinds of online discussions related to their phone, although the Cupertino-based company will not be able to deliver all units pre-ordered by customers by 3rd November.

Since they are facing some problems with the shipping part, Apple has decided to take advantage of the situation and offered to some “privileged” persons to chance to test iPhone X/iPhone 10 before the day the shipping will be initiated.

Separately, Apple allows journalists to write teasers about the iPhone X/iPhone 10 with the certain information they consider useful, but before the final reviews are being published.

We are talking here about information related to the features, coming from well-known journalists, unlike the relatively anonymous Youtubers.

Apple has basically thought about launching the iPhone X with a new set of teasers before the official launch, avoiding the well-known Youtubers who most of the times demand huge amounts of money in order to leave people with a good impression about the product.

Apple is aware that even those who are not so famous will draw the attention of the world, and so these are the first unboxing for the iPhone X and the first reviews with information about major features, or how they can be used by customers.

Until 3rd November when the worldwide shipping will allegedly start, we are providing you with the 1st official sneak peek, created with help of one of our most dedicated readers.