The Japanese police found nine different bodies, including two headless ones in an apartment in Zama, a neighborhood situated near Tokyo.

The authorities have arrested a 27-year-old suspect, who was there when the police have arrived.

“I killed them and then I took care of the bodies to hide the evidence”, stated the man, identified as Takahiro Shiraishi for the NHK.

Meanwhile, the Jiji press agency reported that Shiraishi chopped the bodies of eight women and a man and transferred the remains into the bathroom.

Parts of the victims’ bodies were discovered in his refrigerator.

Apparently, the Japanese authorities were investigating the mysterious disappearance of a 23-year-old woman before they made the macabre discovery.

They made a connection between the killer and the missing woman who was living in the apartment located in Zama, in the Kanagawa prefecture, southwest of the Japanese capital.

A few days before the police made the connection, the missing woman published the most disturbing message on Twitter, which sounded like this:

“I am looking for someone to die with me”.

According to the Japanese media, the two met on a website with members who have suicidal tendencies.

A video surveillance camera has captured images of Takahiro Shiraishi with the young woman on Monday.

According to Kyodo, the woman’s brother who contacted the police on October 24, his sister had been missing since October 21.

Subsequently, he entered his Twitter account and found that she was exchanging messages with Shiraishi.