Asiya Bibi

A woman killed 15 people after she was forced to get married to a man that she barely knew.

Among the victims, the authorities have obviously encountered the body of her new husband and 14 other members of the young man’s family, writes Sky News.

Asiya Bibi was forced to tie the knot by her own parents in September and the wedding took place in a small town from central Pakistan.

Miserable and disappointed by her new life, she decided to murder her husband.

The newly married poured poison into her husband’s milk.

However, the huge amount of milk was later used to prepare lassi, a very popular beverage in that region.

Everyone from the groom’s family ended up drinking or at least sipping lassi and a few hours later, all of them also ended up dying.

15 family members have died, including a seven-year-old girl.

Apparently, the idea of poisoning everybody belonged to Asyia’s accomplices, her lover and her aunt, who were arrested shortly after the police discovered the entire thing.

Obviously, the bride denied all the rumors.

Arranged marriage became a literal tradition in Pakistan, especially in rural and poor areas.

The worst part is, however, the fact that these women are being killed annually in “honor murders”, only because they have the audacity of confronting their parents.