Donald Trump

The American president is planning on implementing a stricter checking program for the foreigners who want to enter the U.S. territory, following the New York terrorist attack from last night.

“We have just ordered the (Internal Security Department) to reinforce our already robust verification program”, revealed PLOTUS on Twitter.

“Being politically correct is good, but not about this!”, added Donald Trump.

Trump has announced on several occasions, most times on Twitter, that he forbids through a decree the entry into the United States of citizens from several countries and of all refugees.

These decisions have been systematically challenged in court.

The Supreme Court eventually authorized a partial implementation in June to allow time for US immigration officials to revise the procedures and checking methods of the travelers’ background.

Last week, the White House announced that the United States will accept refugees again after four months of highly controversial suspension – except for those from 11 countries labeled as “high-risk states”, the vast majority of the Muslim countries.

Besides the decree on immigration, which has sparked controversy, the United States imposed to most airlines to apply tougher security methods.