Facebook ads

Let’s imagine the following scenario: you are having a Facebook conversation with someone and you guys are talking about a brand and that nice pair of boots that you wanted for so long.

A few hours later, you come home, open your laptop and access Facebook: “Pam, pam”, an ad with the same pair of boots appears on your screen and you’re like… “Wow, this is faith. I should buy these boots.”

Have you ever experimented something similar? Because with me this is happening like constantly, which lead me to do a little bit of research.

My research also involved exploring some forums, where people accuse the same “symptoms”.

Then, I had “the” epiphany

So, this is how the rumors and theories related to Facebook’s secret tools of “listening”/accessing to our conversations have appeared.

They are using the keywords from our conversations to generate targeted ads.

This has been going on for some years now, and now a Facebook official has been put forward to deny all of them, AGAIN.

PJ Vogt, the moderator of the All Reply podcast, talked about this topic and asked people to call him live in order to relate their own “spying” stories.

A classic corporate official who is responsible to defend the company’s interests

The truth is likely to be somewhere in the middle, especially as there are thousands and thousands of people who have noticed how Facebook has posted an ad about what they have spoken a few minutes before in their real life.

Judging by the facts, Facebook provides information about its audio recording tools but denies anything related to targeted advertising.

Most likely, he does not possess the technology to achieve that, RIGHT?