Family Guy Kevin Spacey

The scandal was initiated by actor Anthony Rapp, who revealed to TMZ that Kevin Spacey was sexually harassed by Kevin Spacey.

Everything happened when Rapp was just 14-years-old, and at that time, the legendary actor allegedly invited him to his apartment in Manhattan.

When he arrived at Kevin’s place, Rapp was shocked to discover that Spacey was all alone, watching the TV.

According to Rapp’s statements, Spacey invited him into the bedroom, threw him on the bed and wanted to sit on top of him.

14-year-old Rapp pushed him and left

It’s been thirty years since the incident occurred and Rapp decided to come clean after the women who accused movie producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse built up the courage to talk about their experiences.

The interesting part is Spacey’s response and how he practically did not deny what happened, but he put the light on other “valuable” information – the fact that he is gay.

Rapp, now 46, has decided to speak openly about what happened, a story briefly included into a Family Guys episode from 2005.