Gordon Ramsay Cocaine

The famous chef seems to have run out of ideas when it comes to new recipes

This time around, we have to admit that Gordon Ramsay has outdone himself because the Briton learned how to prepare cocaine in the middle of the jungle.

Gordon Ramsay filmed a two-part documentary and the first one was released on TV a few days ago.

The “Gordon On Cocaine” documentary is being described as this “adventure that you have never seen before”.

The introduction consists in Gordon Ramsay walking through the jungle, struggling to reach to a hidden laboratory where huge amounts of cocaine are being made and the same place where our famous chef learned how to prepare the drug from scratch.

Obviously, the British celebrity refused to disclose all the ingredients, but instead, he exposed exactly what the whole process involves.

The coca leaves are minced and placed in a pit, which is finally covered with cement.

After a few hours, the man from the images adds sulfuric acid and a little water.

Then sodium bicarbonate or talc powder is being added.

Finally, the entire composition is filtered using battery acid.