Meghan Markle pregnant

Prince Harry managed to infuriate his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II because the redhead refuses to respect the royal protocol.

According to American tabloid OK!, Prince Harry and the Meghan Markle are rushing to tie the knot as soon as possible and the Queen is not happy about it.

The reason behind Harry’s rush is the fact that Meghan Markle is allegedly pregnant.

The star from “Suits” quit her acting job, not because of her boyfriend and the fact that she is moving to London, but because her pregnancy is already very advanced.

According to the American magazine, Meghan is three-months-pregnant and the Queen is super angry with Harry.

Moreover, the two lovebirds were summoned by the Queen to the Buckingham Palace for an urgent meeting, where the monarch tried to talk some sense into them.

Following the discussion, the three decided that Harry’s wedding with Meghan must take place as soon as possible.

“It’s unexpected to say, but a baby outside of a marriage would create a real scandal in the royal family, which is why Harry and Meghan are rushing to build a family. The sooner, the better”, the source has revealed.

The Queen is currently discussing with her royal counselors on how they will handle the situation

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old prince is happier than although he has broken the protocol.

In addition, although the Queen told them that their situation is not exactly an ideal one and that she is deeply disappointed, at the end she offered her support

“Now it’s up to her to consult with the royal counselors about how they will manage this situation and when they will announce the wedding”, the source said for the magazine.