Apple nude

Apple’s software is basically so smart, it detects not only the faces but also the most “sensitive” body parts exposed in your pictures, especially if we talk about the notorious “nudes” or those picture in which you appear topless.

Netizens generated a massive panic after someone shared this post, in which they were urged to “discover” the folder containing all their “incriminatory selfies”.

The post has become viral within hours.

According to The Independent, Apple has created hundreds of categories, although they only recognize only those general elements.

However, experts have no idea why Apple has opted to include the category entitled “bra” since other regular garments are not included or why they even considered adding this word.

Recently, the California-based company has introduced a new feature able to combine images with this system able to identify common elements between them.

But this does not mean the photos are safe.

If you have intimate photos, it is recommended to choose a file that is not part of the photo library.

This will make everything safer, in case someone accesses your phone.