Dustin Hoffman Anna Graham

The so-called elite of Hollywood is about to become crushed, as accusations related to inappropriate sexual behaviors and gestures are being brought to light every single day.

Now it’s Dustin Hoffman’s turn to be labeled as this sick sexual predator, who is into young boys.

Apparently, Dustin Hoffman is accused of pedophilia after writer Anna Graham made an incredible reveal.

According to the journalist, Hoffman sexually harassed her when she was just 17-years-old.

Graham claims Hoffman touched her and tried to have some inappropriate conversations with her in 1985, on the set of “Death of a Seller”.

The Guardian writes that Graham was just 17-years-old when she started working as an intern.

At that time, the Oscar-winning actor was 32-year-old and everything started when he asked her to give him a foot massage.

“He asked me to massage his feet on my first day. I did it and, while I was doing it, he started flirting with me, grabbed my ass and spoke openly about having sex with me in my presence.

One morning I went to his room to ask what he would like for breakfast, he looked at me for a long time and smiled, then said: <<I want a very hot egg and you are hot>> then he broke into laughter. I left without words. I went to the bathroom and wept”, revealed the writer.

Hoffman’s behavior continued for five weeks straight, while the minor was complaining to the boss, but the people who worked with the actor suggested they should “sacrifice” for the sake of the project.

“Today when I took a ride in the limo with Dustin, he grabbed my ass four times. I punched him and I told him that he is a dirty old man”.