Osama bin Laden diary

A summer trip to the UK, when he was just a teenager and a visit to William Shakespeare’s childhood home was enough in terms of convincing the former Muslim leader, Osama bin Laden that the West is a decadent place.

The Al Qaeda leader has mentioned this in his personal journal, shortly before he was killed by the US special forces in 2011, writes The Guardian.

The diary is one of the 470.000 personal documented gathered from his house, the same place where he was murdered by the US special forces.

A few of those documents were released on Wednesday by the CIA as a way of “portraying transparency and to support the public opinion and to understand the al-Qaeda phenomenon better”, reports the American intelligence service.

Although, until now, no information suggesting bin Laden has ever traveled to the West surfaced and this is, basically, the first ever confirmation.

Apparently, he first went to the West for a medical treatment, when he was in the sixth grade and 13-years-old.

The following year, the teenager son of a Saudi real-estate mogul, spent 10 months in the UK for studies.

Bin Laden refused to mention any further details, but apparently, he attended some English courses at Oxford.

In the diary, Bin Laden talks about his visit to Shakespeare’s house in Stratford-upon-Avon but says he was not impressed by the British society.

He admits that age did not allow him to create a decent opinion about his life in the UK, but noted that he went every Sunday to visit Shakespeare’s house.

“I was not impressed because they are a society different from ours, with permissive moral principles”, wrote Bin Laden.