Doaa Salah

The Egyptian TV presenter was sentenced to three years of prison after she has talked about the possibility of becoming pregnant without being married during a live TV show.

Doaa Salah is one of the most popular public figures from the Al-Nahar TV stated during the TV show that women who desire to have children might resort to other medical strategies in order to have a child besides the traditional marriage, writes BBC News.

At one point, during the show, the woman suggested that women could pay a man to marry them for a short period of time and talked about how in Western countries women are looking for donors.

Precisely for this reason, she was sentenced to three years in prison for an attack on public decency and fined with 10.000 Egyptian pounds (about 430 pounds).

According to the authorities, Doaa Salah’s ideas “posed a threat against the Egyptian life” in the context that sex before marriage is considered unacceptable in such a conservative society such as Egypt.

The authority’s decision is not final.