Donald Trump Twitter

The Twitter page of US President Donald Trump was suspended on Thursday night by one of Twitter’s top employees, during the man’s last day in the company, writes The Washington Post.

Twitter has previously suspended the accounts of certain people who violated certain terms or conditions, but there has never been a case in which an employee decided by himself to disable someone’s account with no reason.

This raises serious questions in terms of security, considering the US president uses the platform to book important political events or to send messages to voters.

“Such an event triggers profound and worrying questions about who has access to the President’s account.

Deactivation also came at a time when the social network is being investigated for its role in spreading the Russian propaganda during the presidential election from 2016”, writes The Washington Post.

Trump’s Twitter account has been disabled for over an hour, while those who were trying to visit the profile were greeted with the message “The Page does not exist!”

The company said it “was a human error,” and the profile was “deactivated for 11 minutes”.

In addition, Twitter stated they “will continue to investigate and to prevent this kind of events” from happening.

Shortly afterward, Twitter added: “Trump’s account was deleted by an employee on the last day at work”.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google executives have been summoned this week by the US Congress committees to investigate the potential interference of Russia in last year’s elections.

So far, Twitter has identified 36,746 accounts (0.012% of total Twitter accounts) apparently linked to a Russian account which “automatically generated content related to elections” during those three months before the election.

These accounts circulated around 1.4 million Twitter-related election messages, which produced 288 million network interactions.