Carl Lentz

The news regarding Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s attending church together are all over the internet, which led people to the following question:

“What kind of church the former power couple is frequenting?”.

Apparently, the singers are going to the same church as Hailey Baldwin, Kourtney Kardashian, and many other celebrities.

On the organization’s website, it says, they are a contemporary Pentecostal church and a member of the Australian Christian Church.

The organization is known among celebrities as Hillsong and besides their star-studded list of adepts, it is also known for its super-hot preachers.

One of those 12 preachers it’s Carl Lentz, who is also the spiritual mentor of Justin Bieber.

Lately, the Canadian singer was seen in the company of Lentz a lot and, at one point, some sources claimed Bieber moved into the preacher’s place.

Pastor Carl is 38-years-old and he looks like a sexy rock star from the entertainment industry.

He is happily married to Laura Lentz, who is also a pastor and together they have three children.

The part that intrigues most people when it comes to Carl’s persona is his hipster look, sexy clothes, skinny jeans and countless tattoos.

However, despite his unique look, he is modest and has a great attitude, his famous apprentices claim.