Dolce & Gabbana pasta

The famous Italian fashion house is currently preparing to make its debut into the food industry

More precisely, Dolce & Gabbana is partnering up with the famous Italian producer Pastificio di Martino to launch a limited-edition pasta assortment.

The limited-edition luxury food product will come only in 5.000 boxes which will be sold worldwide.

Actually, in September, during the Paris Fashion Week, D&G made a slight hint related to their plans of entering into the pasta world through their fall/winter clothing collection.

There were pants printed with carrots and radishes, a dress with cannoli and a skirt with little red boxes.


In the spring of 2018, Dolce & Gabbana will design the packaging for the three different kinds of pasta: spaghetti, pockets and feathers and they will also design a kitchen apron.

The pasta boxes will come with prohibitive prices, and the rumors suggest a box will cost around $110.

Only 5.000 boxes of pasta will be available worldwide, of which around 1.000 only in the United States.

Di Martino is one of the most notorious players from the pasta industry since 1912.

Di Martino also manufactures over 9.000 tons of pasta per day in 125 different types of hard Italian wheat.