Roberto Spada

Two journalists who work for Italy’s national TV station have been beaten up by the brother of a mafia clan leader.

It happened in Ostia when one of the reporters asked the man if he is linked with an extreme right-wing organization.

In response, he assaulted the journalist and punched him with his head in the mouth.

The attacker, known as Roberto Spada is famous in Ostia for the connections with the underworld and he didn’t stop there.

He returned to the journalist and the camera guy and hit them several times with a stick.

The disturbing scenes triggered a massive indignation in Italy, making dozens of people to get out on the streets while the country’s prime minister had called the reporter to express his solidarity in person.

The attacker was detained and he is facing three years in prison.

The Spada clan is known for having violent tendencies

In October, seven members of the same clan were sentenced to a total of 56 years in prison.

Roberto’s brother, Carmine, has served a 10-year prison sentence and, last year he was sentenced again for extortion and mobbing.