Donald Trump water

Almost every single day from the Trump era, the “theory” of how such a person has managed to lead the world’s most powerful country it’s being strengthened by the president’s behavior.

You just can’t help wondering if every single thing or gesture conducted by Donald Trump it’s just a bad joke…

But, what happened now?

During his last speech conducted in Asia, Donald Trump has demanded a “quick break” to drink a little bit of water.

However, the aspect that “intrigued” the American people, even more, was the way he chose to take a sip of water.

It was almost like making us wonder if Donald Trump has ever drink water or any other drink directly from the bottle because this gesture conducted by the president seems like the most complicated thing a biped can ever do.

In addition, during the election campaign, Trump made fun of US Senator Marco Rubio when he interrupted his speech to drink water.

One of his Facebook followers summarized the entire episode by adding the following comment: “With hands that tiny, it must be hard to stay hydrated!”