Elon Musk Amber Heard
Sherman Oaks, CA - *EXCLUSIVE* - Actress Amber Heard gets together with ex Elon Musk for breakfast at Sweet Butter Kitchen. The pair broke up in late July and Elon recently opened up to Rolling Stones Magazine about their breakup, saying "I was really in love, and it hurt bad... Well she broke up with me more than I broke up with her I think.... I've been in severe emotional pain..." Looks like Elon wanted to face Amber one on one and reveal his heart to her. During their breakfast Elon took a look at the latest GQ Australia Magazine, which featured Amber on the cover as Woman of the Year, while Amber was curious to see her accomplishment. Perhaps the two are getting back together and rekindling their romance once again? Interesting that GQ Australia honoring Amber with this award, as she was under a lot of scrutiny for bringing her dogs to Australia illegally while married to Johnny Depp. Pictured: Amber Heard, Elon Musk BACKGRID USA 16 NOVEMBER 2017 BYLINE MUST READ: Osvaldo / BACKGRID USA: +1 310 798 9111 / [email protected] UK: +44 208 344 2007 / [email protected] *UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*

They have been together for more than a year but struggled to keep their relationship far from the curious eyes.

In April, the pair “confirmed” their love story by posting a photo on social media.

Unfortunately for those who were seeing them together forever, the couple parted ways a few months later.

However, a few days ago, shortly after the most recent Rolling Stones issue was published, Elon Musk was spotted with his former girlfriend Amber Heard, the same woman who left him.

The pair was spotted serving lunch in Los Angeles and they seemed super close and into each other.

This meeting comes a few days after Elon Musk made some emotional reveals in the latest Rolling Stones’ issue, where he confessed that he suffered a depression after the 31-year-old actress left time.

The Tesla genius was married twice before he met Amber, who according to the brilliant engineer, “broke up with him more than he broke up with her”.

“I was really in love and hurt”, added Musk.

“I will never be happy without having anyone. Sleeping alone is a thing that kills me. I’m looking for a long-lasting relationship. I’m not looking for a one-night adventure. I’m looking for a serious partner, a soul mate, things like that. If I’m not in love, if I do not have a stable partner, I cannot be happy, “, confessed the businessman.

Was this the sincerest interview ever given by the billionaire and that’s exactly why Amber has decided to get back with him?