Shyma banana

A pop star was arrested in Egypt because she “incited the people to debauchery” in a video she posted recently on social media.

Indeed, Shyma wore a skimpy outfit in that clip, but the “detail” that bothered the Egyptian authorities was the fact or the way, she chose to eat a banana.

In addition, while she was eating the fruit, Shyma was witnessed by a classroom full of men and a board, placed in the back of the artist, which said: “Class #69”, says The Independent.

The singer was arrested after hundreds of “fans” have filed complaints after they watched the video on social media.

“Shyma the singer, presenting a lesson to the youth”, writes a local newspaper.

Meanwhile, Shyma’s supporters claim the star is a symbol of the fact that women are being constantly oppressed in Egypt.

Shortly after she was arrested, the 21-year-old young woman has apologized for the video, motivating that she did not expect to trigger such reactions.

“I apologize to all the people who were disturbed by the video and considered it inappropriate”, wrote Shyma on Facebook.

It’s still unclear how long the pop star will remain in the arrest.